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    Example:Sports Betting made very easy on the go, wherever you are! Without using a laptop or desktop, whether your customers wager on create casinos apps,Binary Options apps, Forex Trading apps,Sports Betting apps.

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    Using AffiliatesApps.com superior software designed for affiliates AND small businesses  here you can build a powerful sleek application HTML5 ready mobile website to suit your customers needs, stay in touch with your clients and fans with simple push notifications, send all your customers a message on their device just with a simple "click" explaining latest "link" offers etc. Add inforgraphics to enhance its apperance,so many creative features you can display and add on your new marketing tool its just simple Business on the go without employing more sales staff.

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    app开发 让为您的企业应用程序准备好智能手机设备只需创建即时下载的网站为您的客户手机扩展您的产品走向世界各地的观众和新一代移动智能为您的营销力量

    Mobile Websites Developers  SEO - Search Engine Optimization specialists with creative thinking- Ping Service - Business Information and a directory knowledge full of power- Logo Designers - Inforgraphics - Free thinkers who think out of the box 

    Google website submission service adding your URL  to search engines -Traffic Management to gain more clients - Video production ideal to boost your rankings - Keyword ReSEARCHERS - Important KEYWORDS for App stores apple and Google Android  stores - Back link service ( we can get you 1 million backlinks) - Fresh content providers,meaning its not been used before by ANYONE ! for EXTREME search engine results - please ask for any other service your business may require including Offline Marketing and Gorilla marketing Very Unique and Very Cool - we will be happy to help and blow your competitors away in style !

    Using AffiliatesApps.com latest advanced software formed and updated in the USA  Apps directed to your website will boost your website presence with search engines exporsure creating higher rankings and more visits without paying for expensive SEO marketing solutions.Saving you time and money and above all generating more sales from new and existing customers.

    Creating an app with AffiliatesApps.com advanced software will give your website company a professional look and feel, gaining trust as a major player in your business industry.

    Software designed in the USA by Affiliates Apps custom dedicated design specialist team with over 70 employees with Military backgrounds software geeks ensure top quality software performance is state of the art with technology running smoothly bug free unlike cheaper variations.

    AffiliatesApps.com is making mobile apps affordable and simple for any business BIG or small. We're a do-it-yourself Cell phone app platform to create stunning iPhone, iPad, HTML5, and Android applications our platform allows any affiliate business to simultaneously create powerful marketing solutions you can edit, and manage mobile apps online with our platform without any programming know how needed marketing your affiliate links to full potential.

    And remember an App isn't taxable because its classed as marketing material ! Kerching 

  • Here at AffiliatesApps.com using our sophisticated portal your business can make stunning apps and mobile websites for the latest smart phone devices ready for your customers cell phones all for the Google android play stores and the Apple Mac store easily. 

    You can make a fantastic app within a few hours through a drag-and-drop platform , full of business-minded features like shopping carts, loyalty programs, in-app purchases and many more features ,take the tour and read all the features and extra features available to build your next marketing tool reaching out to your customers and new customers from anywhere in the world.If you can see it online you can add it to your app just add the URL link when building your powerful mobile app.

    We have affiliate programs for you to join to make instant revenue and they are all free to join and the best news is that we have our own affiliate program just email us and we can work together with excellent support,so you can get a huge discount on your own app mobile website  and promote us to receive EXTRA revenue.This system is very easy to do  if you can't see a affiliate program what you want just ask and we can make sure you get the finest and most profitable deals just for you.

    You don't even need a website for a affiliate app just a creative mind but if you do need a domain name to get you started just email us and we will do the research as we love to help our clients.

    Adding a affiliate program to your app promoting your business other peoples business will dramatically increase your turnover as some affiliate programs will pay YOU 60% or more promoting their products at No cost what so ever to your digital marketing campaign.

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  • AffiliatesApps.com is making Apps And Mobile Websites For Gaming Portals - Casino's - Bookmakers - Forex Trading - Binary Options - Sports Tipping Services -And Every Other Business related to sports and the affiliate market,this platform and its software is without doubt the top of the range spec.



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  • What is Affiliate Marketing read it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

    Mobile Apps What are they read more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_apps

    How to build MOBILE apps with AffiliateApps.com
    Making apps for cell phone devices as a mobile app developer is an interesting and fun job that can be done by anybody. App developers are relying on their creative skills to bring the most fun and exciting apps any smartphone device or any owner can use. The most sucessful apps will prove to extremely very useful in any bodies day to day life, and you can learn how build apps by yourself with a little help from our full support system and related videos.
    Our fantastic app developers platform software is without doubt the finest in the digital market period and using our mobile app platform software you can add app development as another service to your business,these days app developers can charge other companies $30000 adding value to your business as well as extra revenue.We cater for small businesses and HUGE businesses its the software thats fantastic.Try it today and become your own instant marketing company You build them for your business and other clients. Our prices are very affordable at trade prices
    Allowing app developers to make a tidy profit if you dont someone else will !
    Once you understand how the apps are made, things will suddenly become much easier and you will be smiling all the way to the bank You can add anything you want to an app any URL to it more appealing. Some of these features are direct URL’s, which are ideal for website owners or affiliate programs, digital marketing agencies ,dissplaying latest news stories bloggers, gamers, music promoters send UNLIMITED push notifications and check the analytics to see what countries they come from to target your sales and products .
    However, if you are a beginner dont worry its very simple you will need some tips. Thats why we have a full support system in place and we are only a email away or if you prefer phone us,we really care about our new customers and want you to have pleasure working with us.Successful apps are built by mobile app developers using our software with keeping a few things in mind. First of all, the app should be functional and easy to use. Second, it must have a clean interface. Mobile users need the app to work in any situation a lagging mobile app can only be frustrating as hell. Make sure the app you are making is content is useful and straight to the point. While more extra features are always very useful, don't overload your mobile app with hard to comprehend, difficult to use things people are different and not all have your knowledge Include information about your app preview is great for users who want to know what the application is all about before downloading it or purchasing it.
    After you decided who the mobile app is targeted towards either business use or just for fun adult only apps or apps aimed at children or simply anyone choose one of the fields available on our platform when you login . Out of the many options, pick one and stick to it. The next step is naming your app this has to be up to 12 letters Choose an easy to remember and catchy name and email us  Sales@Affiliatesapps.com Keep in mind that creating a stunning mobile app is all about being veryoriginal. If the client website already has too many restaurant apps, build something completely different be creative as the peron who downloads the app has a brain span of about 1.7 seconds on average to decide This will make you pop outand stand out in the rest have high quality interesting pictures and information You can also choose whatever you want included in your mobile app straight from any website. Choose from the vast amount from our platform one or more incredible icons for your app, this making it easily recognizable for the niche it's addressed to.
    See our Video Information its great to get extra tips
    Then, it's time to add orginal content to your new mobile app. Fill in the required information fields such as the phone number and address of the location. You can also include a GPS map that will help people locate the place without needing directions fantastic if you dont have a website Edit the stunning pictures you plan to use with a program such as Photoshop or browes the internet for a free version. You can add any remove whatever you want, in order to make the image picture fit into the demo screen within the platform. Remember to always press save any modification you make to avoid losing all your creative work.
    People will use your smart mobile app on their cell phones iPhones iPads etc or Android devices, so make sure it's compatible with all of these operating systems. If you want, you can add more features by selecting images related to its content: a restaurant app will be improved with a high quality picture taken at the location or use stock pictures. 
    As you can understand, building apps comes alot easier when you have the knowledge and what you have to do. Keep things unique creative value for money and you may just make your mobile app one of the best ones on the market.
    We at AffiliatesApps.com are here to help and support youand build your next digital marketing mission to let your company explode with new customers around the world from their cell phone its just the most fun and rewarding way to double your profits.
    Start building your new electronic DIGITAL business machine.

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  • AffiliatesApps.com Creative Idea was founded by Jeff Teasdale who was a Affiliate and needed to get more traffic to is website after limited resorces he was always thinking of new ways to be different from the many different tactics what the typical business mind thinks. Gaining more web traffic is what everyone wants but it is expensive and having a mobile app developed by a development team costs a arm and a leg. With the average Joe Blogs in mind he decided to create his own platform to make it afforable for affiliates and small businesses who wanted to tackle the big boys.With this in mind its fantastic news for any business or person on a limited budget to create and develop mobile apps for the digital market and to see the huge difference it makes to the affiliate market. From our amazing ease of use to the superb features that we offer inside our luxury platform to build apps - we are specifically designed for affiliates businesses.

    Customize every pixel every page inside your mobile apps within minutes using our pre -built designs or create your own 100% white label app branded with your logos your business without any anoying pop ups,its clean its fresh its YOURS ! 

    Got a question? Check out our amazing help/support center in the platform for easy to understand tutorials on app building with AffiliatesApps.com need more help email us Sales@AffiliatesApps.com  for any questions

    Send Push notifications with messages or links to your New customers easily using our very easy to use superb content management system to any country any city and Town or and Street its very powerful and very interesting what you can do.

    Add Multiple websites to your app with direct links Increase faster speed with instant downloads to the hand held device of the smart phone user Add Audio - YouTube- Email Capture -Add Even More amazing Power Ups features using our state of art fully featured platform its just the best !

    Update your mobile apps content or appearance when ever you'd like  because you are in control of YOUR mobile application using our really cool powerful content management system. Modify everything inside your mobile app without having to send your app for a lengthy update with Apple or Google.

    Our servers are hosted in the cloud using the latest in data hosting technology. Using AffiliatesApps.com software you can expect 99.9% up-time for your mobile apps.

    Our data centers use the most latest in data encryption technology to ensure and protect and data backups are performed by our team daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure our software data is never lost while using our fantastic platform

    Customers will browse your products and services and submit their orders directly through the app. You might think that users are more hesitant to shop this way, but this past year, mobile sales accounted for nearly a fifth (!) of all website online sales. For clients of your business, a mobile application is simply a natural way to make mobile purchases.

    AFFILIATE PRIDE - We care for our affiliates and will be at the IGB Amsterdam Affiliate Conference June 2014

    We will be very happy to answer any questions and always extremely happy to discuss new business.

    Latest News   Another great event by IGB Business showing off their skills as event organizers and producing the finest show on earth for the affiliate market. AffiliatesApps.com are proud to be part of this affiliate business ran by an amazing teamThe lovely Shonna and Michael More in depth stories and photos coming soon please follow us on our social media pages @AffiliatesApps.com Twitter Us and we would love to promote your apps or business in STYLE .

    Get ready for the next super show in Barcelona

    AffiliatesApps.com  - AFFILIATE PRIDE : Understands the importance of having good quality affiliate links and banners from merchants direct for your mobile app or website and having fantastic customer support with amazing affiliate managers to help you along the way,thats why AffiliatesApps.com will only promote the finest and help you become a top affiliate guru by using only the best .We have only a certain amount of space to show them all but can at any point find all the very latest and greatest merchants to use,what ever your business promotes or wants to promote we can find the best for you.Contact us today and we will help your business as much as possible because we care for our affiliates and  new clients.

    Will  your competitors  be building an app today ? - Don't get left behind in this modern world of mobile technology 

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